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The Siglio blog has a new home! New post on artist Charlotte Salomon.

Life? Or Theater? An abbreviated Charlotte Salomon biography is now up. This post illuminates the extraordinary and far too short life of one of the artists featured in It Is Almost That: A Collection of Image+Text Work by Women Artists & Writers. Salomon created an epic work in gouache with text overlays (mutating into text painted directly with image) that traversed three generations of her family’s history, told from multiple perspectives, unfolding during the decline of the Weimar Republic and the Nazi’s rise to power.

NOTE! The Siglio blog has a new home! If you’ve signed up for email announcements about new blog posts, then visit the new page and sign up for the RSS feed which will serve the same purpose (but no more emails—you’ll just get an update on your news feed). Alternatively, we tweet when there’s a new post, and we also send out an email to our regular mailing list once every 4-8 weeks with a list of the most recent blog posts. For the next couple of months we’re focusing on women artists and hybrid forms, so there are some fascinating posts ahead. We hope you’ll keep up!

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